World’s biggest lantern festival coming to Dubai from Las Vegas

World's biggest lantern festival Dubai

The world’s biggest lantern and music festival, Rise, will make its global debut in Dubai from Las Vegas on Friday November 8.

Artists playing at the festival include San Francisco-based producer Tyler Pixels and Australian singer-songwriter Ry Cuming, otherwise known as Ry X.

The festival is meant to help individuals “let go of emotions that need to be set free” according to a statement on its social media.

“Over the past six years, it’s been our goal to “invite the world to RiSE” and we are now putting this into motion! We believe that there is never enough positivity in the world, and we hope to spread as much as we can by sharing the unique space that all of us came together to create in the Mojave Desert back in 2014.

“RiSE is more than an event. It’s a powerful gathering of individuals who choose to come together to let go of emotions that need to be set free. Some of those emotions tend to be heavy, but as they are collectively released, they light up the night sky, creating a sense of joy that is hard to explain to people who haven’t experienced it,” the post said.


Largest lantern release

The one-day live music festival marks the largest lantern release in the world. It uses 100% biodegradable lanterns which are all collected afterwards alongside any pre-existing litter found in the area, according to its website.

The family-friendly event from the Mojave Desert on the outskirts of Las Vegas has reportedly sold out every year since its launch in 2014, having been attended by over 100,000 individuals.

More details including ticketing information will be released in the coming weeks, but those interested can register for early bird tickets on the website.

It is taking placing in Las Vegas from October 4-6 and will announce more international dates over the next 12 months.

The festival is similar to the Chinese Spring Festival in February or March, which marks the last day of the Chinese New Year celebrations and sees people release lanterns for good luck.

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